Joyce Moloney


I do what I love. I create signature, original once off paintings. My pictures will do the talking. I consistently reflect, look and absorb. I learn and up skill daily. I invent as I go. I am hyper focused and an ultimate optimist. I am gaining a strong reputation as one of Ireland’s most promising Spiritual Artists. I have had my work in shows in NEW YORK, DUBAI, LISBON, ENGLAND, IRELAND. I have been described of late as been one of the most prolific living Artist that Ireland has seen in many decades. My stand alone Painting’s have been shortlisted for many prestigious fine Art prizes in the past number of years. The Movement ‘STORY EMOTIONALISM’ is my true Creative passion in which I am currently trying to give life too on an international platform by lobbying other Artist’s Designers and Artistic thinkers to become involved in fostering the theory of same. I have a had my work purchased for major collection’s worldwide.

‘You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul’ George Bernard Shaw.


Joyce: 087 – 6435063

Email: ocjoy123@gmail.com